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friedo 01-12-2007 11:14 AM

Do somebody have experience cracking a private rsa key i public key/exponents known?
Especially for bigger bitlen like 512/1024 bit keys?

Is there already a (windows based) software which do that using quadratic sieve or anything?

LibX 02-08-2007 06:43 AM


First of all everything above RSA-512 is not duable for people without a large cluster to factorize this on, RSA-640 is the largest factorized RSA key till now, RSA-1024 is just impossible todo :(
For a fast quadratic sieve implementation for windows u can goto:
If the modulus is bigger then 110 digits i recommend using the General Number Field Sieve, u can find a implementation of it here:

I hope this info is of any use :)

LibX / Reteam

BolleOne 03-08-2007 09:04 AM

look for this ebook
"RSA Encryption Algorithm in a Nut Shell"
well adding "in a nutshell" isnt really right :rolleyes:
well i had a very similar problem lately i needed to get a private key which was also decr. in RSA
in this case a recommend u that tut :

friedo 06-18-2007 07:00 AM

Does anybody already developed a distributed easy to use nfs for this??

[Only thing i found is the ggnfs project on sourceforge but itīs not really a solution for 512Bit RSA and furthermore itīs not easy to handle - especially the distributed pearl parts are not documentated in any form.]

cEnginEEr 06-19-2007 02:52 AM

Take a look at here:

My advice: forget about it.....;)

friedo 06-25-2007 06:47 AM


i know this article but i only have to break 512 Bit RSA and thru internet i have more than 100 PCs. As time is not the main problem the calculation could take half a year for example so it should not really be a problem to break 512Bit (near 120 Digits i think)..

The question is if somebody already has a client/server solution for windows because linux is not very applicable for me...


LibX 06-29-2007 07:57 AM

Well i almost finished a distributed cluster framework for this.
But again its not possible to factorize a RSA-512 key with the amount of computer u have its as simple as that.
And even if u had the amount of computer needed to do it in a reasonable time it will still take a few months to finish it.

LibX // RETeam

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