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aladdin 06-28-2015 05:56 AM

Help Guyz, Plz!
Hi friends,

For a long time I have searched regarding certificate issue for my Nokia S60v3 FP2 device (Model C5-00) but it seems no one is making certificate.

I checked this one too:
But it seems they have also stopped working. Also, I tried Drakkarious hack but it didn't hack my phone. Certificate issue is still on my way. Then I found HelloOx2 but it was UnSigned so I couldn't install it though.

Guys, please somehow find a solution to my problem. Does someone know how to generate Certificate/Key file for any particular Nokia handset using given IMEI?

Spent lots of days but I found no solution for My C5-00 device. :(

EDIT: I was reading this but it's was waist of time I think: FORUM.GSM-HOSTING

Thanks in advance.

eax666 07-24-2015 06:32 AM

Hi Bro, reason why you cannot find still working online Certificate calculation is simple, Nokia stopped long time ago to sell Symbian OS phones, and all people who had FPS boxes with SX cards simply threw them in garbage.

Now, it is hard to find someone who can do it

yogi_saw 10-27-2015 03:25 AM

try searching for signsis, create your own certificate (I dont remember how exactly I made it, probably some website helped me

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