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Robert 10-11-2005 03:18 AM

Hi guys. Plz post here all related info. Here is my simple PS2 BIOS unpacker - It just unpacks bios image to .elf files. For exemple, my Europe v.2.00 (14/06/2004) (btw, how pcsx2 knows it?) bios contains 59 .elfs.

just launch ps2bios_unpacker.exe dump.bin
post here results of your reverseing progress.

Robert 10-13-2005 02:53 AM

Sorry guys. PS2 BIOS unpacker has been updated, new version extracts file-modules from BIOS image useing ROMDIR structure, produces self-explanatory filenames and includes source code. Plz, check it now. The link is the same:

Here is reversed modules info (in alfabetical order):


Module name Type Description

ADDDRV* ELF file ???????????
CDVDFSV* ELF file CDVD driver
CDVDMAN* ELF file CDVD driver part?
CLEARSPU* ELF file ???????????
DMACMAN* ELF file DMA driver part?
EECONF* ELF file EE config
EELOADCNF DATA EE loader config
EENULL* DATA ???????????
EESYNC* ELF file ???????????
EXCEPMAN* ELF file Exception manager
EXTINFO* DATA Extended BIOS info
FILEIO* ELF file FILEIO service
FNTIMAGE* DATA Font image data
FONTM* DATA ???????????
HEAPLIB* ELF file Heap library
ICOIMAGE* DATA Icon images
IGREETING ELF file ???????????

to be continued...

plz, post here all related info.

teamy 01-24-2007 11:09 PM

I would like to but I couldn't understand single instruction or what it does. So you wanna show any tutor

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