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linus 01-07-2003 04:49 PM

Perhaps this would be an appropriate thread to post reverse code engineering related news articles...

DVD Reverse

Acid_Cool_178 01-07-2003 06:56 PM

Well, the DVD case is still on. I can't remember all fo that crap now but wasn't there one reverser in Drink Or Die (DOD) that did crack the code and DVD Jon just added that code into one userfriendly GUI ?

I have never heard anything else from MoRE (Masters of Reverse Engineering) except that thing DE-CSS. Made in Delphi and well, great group,. It was 4 members in there, only done one thing. or the DOD member did and DVD-Jon only made one GUI for the real code. Congrats to all idiots that saluts him. NOT!


Acid_Cool_178 01-07-2003 07:01 PM

forgot something
Sorry, I forgot something. have anoyone here heard of MoRE ?? He haven't named that group anymore. When I read on the link that linus gave then more isn't names. how come ? is jon one PR-horney dick ? PR in exchange for cheep sex ?

Any ideas on this ?

The code is great but something is wrong in the media. my view. All I have against is the person that is blamed, for god sake. set him in jail and I'll invite eveyone into one huuuge party, that is to be celebrated :D

When I'll look at the picture of him, I can see one strange boy that really need some good sex and not some hoockers or dogs. for gods sake, jail him :)

Sorry for my bad english..


kw 01-13-2003 08:28 PM

Well well,

I see a lot of hostility against a guy you never met, or heard his side of the story. I don't have any real logs here, and the conversation I've had with him was over three years ago if im not mistaken.. But he's just a friendly nice guy, he never took credit for any work that wasn't his.. The problem was that he had released a product that was (thought of as) illegal. That caused police officers to enter his home all of a sudden, impound a LOT of his stuff, questioning him all night and slapping a lawsuit on him from all the major motion picture studios (paramount, disney, WB, 21st century fox, etc)
The press, NOT HIM, declared MoRE and him in particular, the amazing wizkid computer hackers that 'broke the code'.. ("h4x0r the gibson"-writing style intentional)

Now, he's been punished and punished and punished ever since he released this program.. Most of which he simply did not deserve, and you dare be angry at him for 'taking credit for someone elses work', saying the things you did. Please, don't say what seems the coolest/leetest thing to say.. Really think about what you're saying. Imagine it was you that got thrown into this situation.. Note: Jon was only 16 at the time afaik.

-Kwazy Webbit

PS. Acid, this post was not meant to flame you, it was instead meant as an extinguisher for your (imho, quite unfounded) flame towards him.

Acid_Cool_178 01-15-2003 06:32 AM

Good point there kw

He was under 16 if I can remember correct. and then the police couldn't set him in jail, but °kokrim here in norway were pushing on and the pressuere from US were abit high. (I would mostly commit suicide just to answer on that)

I have read the stories on how they broke in, it were well documented on the norweian underground www. But I'm only wondering why all the media gives him the credit now ? MoRE haven't been named and I had almost forgotten them. Could you answere on who began the braking on the code and who finished it ? I might go and telling something that is not trur right now. If so, i'm terrible sorry for eveything.

Everything on this case is so annoying, the press just have to twist the truth.. And still soo many beleves on it

Nice to chat with?
Sure he is one nice guy to chat with I have no doupt in there, Sadam hussein and Osama Bin Laden can also be good to chat with. (Just don't speak about terror with them) You will have to be mentally ill if you aren't nice to chat with. and that man, well, he is NOT mentally ill.


I see a lot of hostility against a guy you never met
Well, if I'll meet him in real life then one thing is for sure. I will never begin one fight nor be bad at him, only to ask on the truth. But if he begins to hit on me then it might be in human nature that there will be one fight.


PS. Acid, this post was not meant to flame you, it was instead meant as an extinguisher for your (imho, quite unfounded) flame towards im.
Nah, never mind of that, i'f I'm wrong then I'm only glad that some will correct me.

Acid_Cool_178 01-20-2003 03:42 PM

Round 2 Begins now
It seems that ěkokrim have taken the crushing defeat hard now. They have taken the DVD case up to the huger cort now.
They lost round 1 in every case and none in the jury voted for ěkokrim's side, all on Jon. Any ideas on what will happend now ?

DVD code is already broken and nothing what they can do, but Miscrosoft is coming up with one protection that they have used 3500 Mill to invent. Anyone to break THAT ? :)

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