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quitsendingmetrash 11-19-2004 08:45 PM

For those that are interested the XGS Micro Edition has been released. I have heard several people ask where to get a modChip for this or that console. I imagine that if you can build your own consoles then you can build your own modChips.

Quote from hxxp:// :

The XGameStation is the world's first video game system development kit designed for education. The kit comes with an assembled XGameStation console, a controller, all necessary cables, a CD containing all system software and tools necessary to develop for the system, and of course, an extensive eBook that explains how the system was designed and how it works from the ground up. Everything from basic digital logic to computer engineering to circuit board design to firmware and low-level software is covered, in precise detail. Never before has such a mammoth collection of knowledge, insight and practical techniques for both hardware and software been concentrated in a single place, with such an accessible entry level. This kit is aimed at everyone from seasoned engineers to absolute electronics newbies.

It seems worth checking into. Granted the homepage is overbloated with grapchics that take forever to download and a popUp advertising a book. Then again who am I to cry.

If nothing else it may be a decent way for some to introduce themselves to an assembly language. Yes it is rather expensive for an old school nintendo. For those that agree, you may be able to wait for an emulator, which I figure they will eventually create, considering that they had emulators for several of their prototype boards for download in the past.

We are all better off if I say no more, since I have no hands on experimentation. Perhaps santa will change that.

quitsendingmetrash 11-15-2005 04:51 AM

Wow has it already been a year?
XGameStation Pico Edition is out. A little cheaper than its big brother. Although the needed SX-Key Programmer is sold seperately. You have the priveledge of assembling this one yourself. Look at all them lovely wires.
Come on santa!

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