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AndreaGeddon 03-08-2004 10:28 AM

Steganalisys programs
I am working on steganograpfy for a project for the university, so i am searching some programs that make you analyze entities like file entropy, mutual information etc etc. Do you know some good program which also makes plots of the entropy etc? I am currently using cryptool but it does not satisfy my analisys requirements, do you know some useful tool i could use? Maybe i have to write my own tool!
bye & Thanx!

mala 03-12-2004 06:12 PM

... sorry for the delay, I knew I had found something but I couldn't remember where. Finally, I accidentally stumbled on this while I was trying software for my GA project:


not so new (the website dates the last version, 0.2.1, on 21/aug/2001), but between its nice cryptanalystic features it has some n-grams statistics which calculate entropy too. Source code is available and even if all its functions are just based on text (a-z,A-Z, which is not enough for you I think) you'll be able to modify them to work as you wish... as I'm doing for GAs now ;). Code seems quite readable, or maybe it's just me liking everything more than the PHP I'm workin' on lately ;)

good luck, and mail me if you need more detailed help!

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