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GrB 03-02-2011 06:52 AM

Hello guys,

Today i tried a new software by some portuguese company, but for my surprise its packed with this HASP. Its a really small app, only 20Mb, but after so many research aboutthis hasp thing i cant find out if this specific software are using hasp hl, hasp hl max or even hasp srm. The software have no dongle to be used, only have a 15 days time limit. So my question is:

1- How can i find if its hl/hl max or srm?
2- Best way to take out the 15 days time limit!

Heres a link to the software: caeD v103

Best regards,


nodongle 03-02-2011 08:31 AM

Your software protected with SRM API.
Conclusion: No public solution.

GrB 03-02-2011 08:43 AM

So if i wanted to find a way to unlock it, were should i head to? Any web page? Any specific person?

yogi_saw 03-02-2011 09:18 AM

Soft without dongle.....May be hasp sl look for tute at arteam or tuts4you

GrB 03-02-2011 01:17 PM

More solutions requiered please! none of them appears to work! And im in kinda of a hurry with this one! :/

butaktelco 03-02-2011 02:18 PM

i thinks some member can help in private

GrB 03-02-2011 03:08 PM

Thats the best option :)

Git 03-03-2011 10:26 AM

It's also an option which is not allowed on this forum. Anybody found buying or selling cracks or solutions will be kicked.


butaktelco 03-03-2011 12:11 PM

yes, as said Git right....
these forum for study how to reverse some application...:)

not offer selling or buy cracks

besoeso 03-03-2011 02:52 PM

Yes, it is true. i find the same history. not seller.

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