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zickfrid 12-19-2020 10:48 AM

request for help with reversing by x64dbg
I try to found place in execuitible NBL Landscape Designer or NBL Photo Designer - it is Landscape software from Europe and Italy localisation of library plants include , trial software from 2020 executible files uploaded - question software ask me about serial - well I try to inspect it
I add executible to x64dbg and run Debug - app take stop (am think debugger detected ) I change at 0000000140EB7A5F | 74 21 | je nbl landscape designer.140EB7A82 before stroke |0000000140EB7A61 | 6548:8B0425 30000000 | mov rax,qword ptr gs:[30]

to 0000000140EB7A5F | EB 21 | jmp nbl landscape designer.140EB7A82 ||

and rearm debugger - all go true - and app started - but next step unfortunally - I need to found place for remove dialog box for serial input - but frame doesnt detect in x64dbg like breakpoint or something same - and I can not found place whats need to nopped or jumped.Could anybody help ?

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