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kw 03-15-2003 11:51 AM

It's been a boring saturday afternoon so far..
I figured I'd just bother you all with an analogy I used a while back to explain the cracking scene to someone.


Imagine this. There is a long straight path that will get you home relatively fast. It is doubtful you will get there this way though, because you will get hungry and there is no food on the path.
Beside the path is a jungle. It is full of food, but it takes longer to reach your home through there.
There are three kinds of people..
1) People who try to make it across the path by running and hoping to reach their safe home before they run out of food.
2) People who take a first trip through the jungle, which gives them enough food to take the straight path a lot of times after that. (they occasionally quickly skid on and off the path when they run out)
3) People who, at one point through the jungle, said : "Damn, its nicer in here anyway. I'll build a treehouse."

1 are the people that come in and out of the scene to get a single crack
2 are the crackers that make up most of the scene
3 are the reversers


Mikelo2k 03-16-2003 10:34 PM

Cool ;)
Nice analogy KW- :P //me likes your posts, always interesting :)

Devine9 03-17-2003 09:45 AM

Well I don't entirely agree ;) It is my opinion that when someone finds an interested in software reversing or reversing of any type.. they then become a cracker or hacker of that topic as the word might be different for such things as xbox reversing or phreaking. it is at this point that +ORC taught that a reversers could change the crackers into reversers. I'm not sure i believe that.. some people are really just the hobbyist type, they aren't interested in getting any deeper.. so for me i see three types of people..

1. crackers who are just doing it for a hobby while in a teenage rebelious state and once matured will leave the scene (this is the typical stereotype of the rest of the world)
2. crackers who attain certain understanding and maturity in their life during their cracking career, thus reaching a level from which they can be "enlightened" under +ORC's ideals.. by others teachings. *note* these peple could very well become just as good of reversers as the rest.
3. reversers who have always reversed things from a very young age, not taken things for granted and not taken the word of people they trust, but always looking and checking up on things to see how they really work. Always having a keen interest in learning that which is not taught.

Also note. you might be thinking well what about the crackers who are always crackers.. think of those people long and hard.. and you will know that they won't and they'll tell you they won't be cracking after they are 50 with a family.. look at all the crackers of 86' 87' and 88' etc..
Fabulous Furlough, and all the Classic guys etc.. none of them are around anymore, except a couple i've seen but they do svcd cause they aren't interested in anything but leech..

Thats my 2 cents ;)

Devine Right [RET]

FabulousFurlough 05-22-2006 11:22 PM

SOME of us are still around. I still do reversing from time to time. I've enjoyed the tuts on Fravia's site as much as the next guy!

It's been quite a trek.

I've reversed on the C-64, Amiga, PC, Z-80 based POS Terminal, Z-80 based arcade game board, Palm Pilot, SGI, and probably some that I've forgotten.

As I tell people, some people work crossword puzzles, I reverse software.

Devine9 05-23-2006 05:35 PM

Well if it is you, it's great to see you around again FabulousFurlough. THG was a long time ago ;)


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