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Acid_Cool_178 12-17-2002 07:06 PM

X-Box Games
Any ideas on where to by the ModChip and what to by, it's possible to run burned games without the Mod-Chip ?


mala 12-18-2002 06:00 AM

I don't have an X-Box (at the moment... let me see how this thing is going on and I might buy one just to reverse it ;)), so I cannot answer your questions... But I think that "how do modchips work" or "does anyone know how to create a modchip" would sound better, just like "how does this software protection work" sounds better than "where can I find the crack for this app".

Try with that one, I'm sure (well, at least I hope that :wink:) that some reverser will answer soon!

Anyway... how do Xbox Modchips work? I'd really like to know... will search on the Internet and post links as soon as I find something (do the same if you happen to find some information!)

Acid_Cool_178 12-18-2002 01:24 PM

Some links
mala, you wanted some links. I give it for the seccond time now, and then go trough links on that page and you will find many interessing pages and how xbox really works ;)


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