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princesssaira 01-19-2010 03:28 PM

Dinkey SDK/Emulator/Clone/SDSN
Hello I want to Ask Few Things Which I need to Confirm ..
1 ) Any proper tutorial or link for proper Emulator as i have Dinkey SDK
2) my SDK is locked to different SDSN than the i want to use from other dongle/software as i need to make CLONE and need the same SDSN which the present dongle is having .CAN i modify the SDSN of it ? because do not want it to be trace able any more.. only if its possible
3) or if i unpack the exes ( which is only possible if i have proper emulator ) can i protect it again with the SDSN i want .. that is why i need to modify the SDK first correct ?,, so any proper help
4) someone here who can do DINKEY TOLD THAT .. can not extract with other SDSN SDK .. that is why asking to modify the SDK with the SDSN of my CHoice
5) i need to make proper emulator of the dinkey .. or SAME Clone with same SDSN for that i need .. to know what should i do as i heared SDK will be of not so much help .. only driver i guess help... so what should i do ? please tell me ..
6) or any one here want to look on it ? i have dump logs n exes + SDK.. only if you think you could do it

Thanks a lot

BfoX 01-20-2010 06:47 AM

1. with demo sdk you cant remove protection from other non-sdk.
2. u can make new protections only with mass-demo codes.
3. contents from non-demo key can be read, this content can be write to the new one demo key.

princesssaira 01-22-2010 02:32 AM

hi .. thanks for this info . i have also paid SDK with 10 dinkey dongles so in proper words i need to ask before making dongles as 2 files already protected with the dinkey need to remove dinkey from it ... Can i inject the dongle info into the exes ? which i already have for these files ? so can use it without emulator? means totally unpack it... if yes .. can you guide me with logs n dump i have ? what step should i take for this ?.. and what will be the difficult part of doing it ? and i also read your thread about dinkey that SDK DO NOT HAVE ALL THE INFO ? Can you tell me which info sdk do not have ? can you give me in private or here which ise usefull for me to unpack or to make emulator in vusbus or what ever ? i know you understand what i want to know .. atleast i can try all posiblities if i know what to do if you tell me.. so later i will protect them again with the dinkey's i have

is that possible ... i modify the SDSN ? so the dongle i use will work on same SDSN . which is already present in EXE ? .. so impossible to trace ? please advice

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