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carlostelevida 09-20-2012 11:50 AM

Bite-board from hardest
I dont know where to look for,
i would like to know where to start, and what are the correct files

the program is xplayout and is part of a suite from axel tecnology
the driver for the dongle is here if someone had the time to see it and help me.

those all are dll the soft install in many directories, i need to know what is the correct one, but too need know how to identifi by myself the right one so i could start cracking by my own.

thanks in advance.
Driver Name : bb3pdrv.sys
Address : 0xB3C2D000
End Address : 0xB3C36000
Size : 0x00009000
Load Count : 1
Index : 111
File Type : System Driver
Description : bite-board CUBE PRO - DRV for Win NT
Version : 4.71.0002
Company : Hardest Italia S.r.l.
Product Name : bite-board

Filename : C:\WINDOWS\system32\bb3pdrv.sys
File Attributes : A
Service Name : bb3pdrv
Service Display Name:

BfoX 10-31-2016 02:45 PM

you have usb or lpt dongle?

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