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merzi 03-19-2011 06:39 PM

I can registered with example of narciszu:
+ Key Level : 16353
+ Key Options : 3-4,6-10,12-16

Key Validation - OK
Creating Key - 0000 FFCD 36E1 3FDF 3700 0051 74
Encrypting Key - 84E6 2B71 DF71 4B0C 6327 4404 A6
But 2 of a 4 possibility unchecked. So I have question to narciszu:
This is Key Options(3-4,6-10,12-16) potentialities of program? For example,what Key Level for (3-4,6-16) or (2-4,6-16) of Key Options? I impossible how do you count this(Key Level). In program available BackupService - Key Level (11) affect he or no? Easy Licence AND Number Of Licences - what is that used for, influence on what?
For example for turn on all 4 possibility i used:
+ Key Level : 16353
+ Key Options : 0-16

Key Validation - OK
Creating Key - 0000 F6CD 36E1 3FFF FF00 00B1 1A
Encrypting Key - 01BA BC97 7E5C F277 E94D 041F 50

E-Man 03-19-2011 09:21 PM


This is actually a very smart question. I think you and I are on the same train of thought here. Might you know how to find out (besides trial and error) the correct key level/option combination?

App: Maxsea Timezero


Originally Posted by BfoX (Post 27009)
@almodaro: upload the target soiftware

BfoX 03-20-2011 10:56 AM

@e-man: imho, GetAuthorization() and GetLevel()

mooch911 03-22-2011 01:33 PM

Need help finding ckInfo.exe
Hello, I've been looking for ckinfo for a while now. Clicked on every potential link to the exe in this thread with no success. Even registered at a couple of sites in links posted also with no success.

If someone could please upload it or point me to the right place, that'd be tremendously appreciated.


rami_rez 03-22-2011 05:39 PM

why so serious?


mooch911 03-24-2011 12:14 AM

@rami_rez Much thanks... :)

yani75 03-29-2011 10:59 AM

i found in crp32002.ngn[%s] name=[%s]
InitCrypkey cryput.dll %ryp$5f @rp&516f 6dl3 CRP32DLL.DLL init_crypkey_thunk ModuleNum=%d path=%s
m%d tb2 %d ERROR:EndCrypKey called without init
F=%s E=%d 5051 53C4 2895 4762 91 get_site_code1 Get_Site_Code CHECKAUTH: %s called before GetAuthorization - GetAuth internal call r=%d
GetAuth (main) authorized ret=%d
GetAuth (main) not authorized ret=%d
Checking WM
742961ff378ed1cb1c25fa7bb4ee881c3b3a7e294d34a46601 20688be538874b1e586424e6eba7fe271ba31a066a747951fc a7e0eab433cfdea9c33e9804dbba19e6bd2177c28b29d742ea 8066e330fe7413972330efbf9717f1738d09e708fb5a4595be b347284431536db26badcd7fca1672fc1625cfc8ec9819fff9 2468f0 usb GETAUTH ERR: SiteKeySeats=%u......

Is it the masterkey?

BfoX 03-29-2011 12:32 PM

@yani75: is not. try to search inside the target applications

yani75 03-30-2011 04:46 AM

Sorry but i don't found nothing ......
I attack the program by Olly but nothing, i search for 5 hours....
If i share the file could you search it for me and tell me if exist.....please?:( :( :( :(

sparpacillon 03-30-2011 07:00 AM

maybe is better... there are too much useless posts :)

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