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butaktelco 02-19-2021 11:01 PM

there is a source in public thanks to share.

after compiled and updated key from ckinfo+(raduga_fb version) i am still not able to generated masterkey v6, seems the source not implement yet ?

somebody know how to get key encryption or decryption ?

BfoX 02-21-2021 01:37 AM

ckinfo src is public on github - just get and recompile it as you wish

butaktelco 02-21-2021 02:23 AM

@bfox yes i am able to compile and update constant for key encrypt/decrypt.

based source there is a class CCrypKey_MasterKey6 and there is 2 static method and that's method to create old masterkey and view masterkey6.

there is a key for masterkey 6 encryption in comment, seems that's key is useless.

how to get constant key encryption/decryption ? is from SDK or another.

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