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Originally Posted by Git View Post
Private messages really are private.

But what about if someone is trying to help you out here (but through PMs), so you share all of your information (like, send them a dongle dump and a copy of some software), and _THEN_ they say 'I can emulate/crack that, but I have to charge you $100s to do it...'?

That's been my only encounter with someone on this board (which really turned me off to the board in general, since I've assumed this was what all the users were attempting to do). If he had said up front that he was going to charge me, I wouldn't have bothered, but of course he waits until after he gets a copy of my software, and then screws me over. Granted, I have to accept some of the blame for sharing the software in the first place... Call it a moment of foolish trust.