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Default Remapping "impossible" keyboard keys...

Well, here's the story. I recently bought a new laptop and i'm rather happy with it, except for one thing. The Fn-key is seriously badly misplaced like on many other laptops (Toshiba/IBM/Compaq/Fujitsu-Siemens you name it..). What i want to do is to "remap" the Fn-key with the CTRL-key, yet this seems impossible to do because this so-called function key does not send an ID-number like 99% of all other keys to the Operating system. I've tried lots of apps out there trying to change the function of the key, yet all have failed!

Would be a neat project for RET to code some sort of virtual driver to change this key and maybe 3-4 other impossible keys. Though this seems nearly impossible because all vendors seem to have their own "scheme" for mapping those special keys.

I hope you understand what i mean
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