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Default In any file???

I have successfully used Steganography to hide data in images, audio, video; however, each requires a different app/script to get the job done.

I am wanting to have a one-stop resource for hiding data in any file. (I say any file because all files are binary in nature and if I could find something that would give me the ability to hide and then show a stego in any file, that would make my life 100% easier.)

I am trying to find a php solution because I want to make it happen on the fly.

Does this make sense?

If anyone can point me in a direction other than a pdf that says it's possible, that'd be fantastic!

I'm one of those, 'teach me by letting me see how it's done' kind of people. I can't just see the theory written out and then jump in with both feet. (Can't swim THAT well. lol)

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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