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Originally Posted by Andu View Post
Thanks LibX!

One last question: What do you think is the best or most advanced protector or protection method for .net assemblies?
For regular protection: Just use a obfuscator, sure it won't help against cracking but nothing will realy if u want it cracked u can do it at least they don't have ur source code then my favorite over all is smartassembly, its fast and i never had a single protected output that was not working (would be nice though if it was a little more tunable)

And for hardcore protection: I think the method iam working on is pretty good but far from finished, its based on dynamic encrypted code with a source level implementation with a mixture of native code (still fully non unsafe compilation) and debugger protection, but its far from finished, and ofcource a fully custom VM to run code in is the perfect sollution but there are no fully working implementations of that yet.
Also i think SecureLM from microsoft is pretty good but also its not doing everything that they promise, iam sure i can get the original code back (no iam not going to publish details since i don't want a witch hunt ;p)

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