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I may or may not post, unless it seems something importent to add. I tend to be a knowledge seeker, and from time to time make the jump from that knowledge to something new. A simple idea, or perhaps a different way of looking at something. I try very hard not to post frivolus things.
I did recognise a few handles from other sites that I belong to, so that prompted me to register here. I have followed RE for quite a while, I am pushing 60, so I have aquired a little information
surfing the web, and just from reading. I started way back on a C64, learning 6502 assembler, and have been hooked on computers and programming ever since.

Anunitu B)

Also very glad to see a new RE site, I have followed Fravia for a while, until he left, perhaps I will see his work online again.
Technology is freedom....Technology is slavery...All hail technology..
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