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Originally posted by sna@Feb 23 2005, 12:28 AM
I've noticed that a lot of people sign up for forum membership but never post anything. Does that mean we have a complete forum, that there's nothing more to add to it? Perhaps it's time to send this thing off to a publisher. We could make a fortune...
Seriously though, how come you sign up but decide to remain in the shadows? We need you all to contribute to be able to bring this message board forward and make it better. That's why i'm going to ask that all you newcomers answer a couple of questions:
1) How did you end up at ?
2) What is your objective on this forum?
3) Which topics of discussion interest you the most?
4) What languages do you speak?
5) If you haven't - How come you haven't started any threads about topics that interest you?
6) Anything else you want to add.
Regards, sna
1) got here from a google search on "reverse engineering", liked it, downloaded a few articles, saw the $300 challenge in the forum, decided i had to flame it, joined.
2) this seems to be a great place to learn about things that interest me -
3) disassembly/decompilation, in particular of windows executables under linux (i like to call this cross-reversing). reversing file formats, unpacking (in short, what you need to get stuff from the gates of hell work under a decent opsys)
emulators (wine, bochs)
4) german (native), english; i know enough spanish and french that i can read them with some difficulty; i took som courses on other languages (japanese, turkish, farsi, russian) but it would be saying too much that i know even the basics
5) right now, i'm too distracted by my daytime work, but hopefully soon...
6) have fun

regards, kg
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