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Thanks for replying.

1. When I plug in my dongle (emulator is not installed), I can see the devices being installed when I click on the message box (there are three items that get installed). First, the Aladdin USB key gets installed (it is always successful). Second, the Aladdin Hasp key gets installed (it, too, is always successful). The last item is the Aladdin Hasp HL key (sometimes it installs successfully - the last 10 times or so, it has installed successfully).

Now, whether or not the last item (Hasp HL key) gets installed or not - the protected software runs flawlessly. In fact, I can go to my device manager and uninstall it manually - and the protected software will run flawlessly.

2. The software never ran slowly prior to emulation. The software only runs slowly during emulation. If I uninstall the emulator and plug in my dongle, the software returns to normal (fast).

I have uninstalled the app, cleaned the registry, uninstalled the drivers, uninstalled the original hasp drivers, upgraded the original hasp drivers, reinstalled everything; even reformatted my hard drive.

The protected software runs slowly when it is running off of the emulator - no matter what.

I have even downgraded my LMTOOLS/FlexLM etc.
I have reverted back to an older version of the protected SW to no avail.

I don't think the dongle is toast - as it functions flawlessly (with the exception of the Hasp HL key failing to install occasionally - which is becoming more seldom).
I also don't think it's the OS - as I have run similar tests on two different computers with two different OS's etc (with the same results).

I have tried running Ollydbg and IDA Pro to see what I could find. Unfortunately, my experience with these programs is very minimal (i.e. I don't know what I'm doing).

At this point, I can't help but think that there is no way around this - without cracking the target SW (which I can't do at this point in my life).

I am beginning to think that the protection schemes are either too great or the emulators that are available to the public are not sufficient for this particular SW.

All in all, I just don't possess the knowledge to consider my opinion on the matter to be a valid one.

However, I haven't given up yet. I will continue to think of different possibilities and continue to read read read.

Thanks again, Git.
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