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Originally Posted by prp View Post
So you were claiming not selling cracks
Looked at the sources today - the Query/Answer tables are stored in the data.h file don't think will be hard to use it this way but will cost just more time... as i'm busy now. Thanks to Bfox anyway and the uploader in the exetools.
Im wondering one thing, if ppl use cracked software are they use it in way to work and make money or they just do it like for hobby .
IMHO right information is priceless so, or learn or pay or just wait for someone to be kind and share, not to complain if someone dont want to share its knowledge, its everyone right and everybody needs to respect that. Everyone with enough brain can make dongle emulator (with latest leech of srm its more easyer to update) if they put enough effort to do it, no short cuts, sit... read.. exam... learn... test... finally will get solution.

SUGGESTION: Buy a gun, find masters of dongle emulation and got to them... knoc.. knoc.. use gund and put on their head and say " source or life" joke
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