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Originally Posted by prp View Post
Hello, i'm trying to decode haspsrm log by usbtrace with DePackHasp Cracked, but when i import the log it says "Maybe need administrator privileges..." and it does not make correct SRMtable.txt. When i start Cracked_DePackHasp.exe i try with 100,200,300,400,500,600 but every time i receive this "Maybe need administrator privileges..." error. Someone have solution for decoding usbtrace logs?

Here is depackhasp with the loader:
you first run as administrator Cracked Hasp MKS.exe
then Start server
then run Cracked_DePackHasp.exe
input one of 100,200,300,400,500,600 else try next even 700
After I fill out all necessary data and pressed Generate in licMK_0.2,
I got error: Access violation at address 0045AFDF in module LicMK_0.2.exe. Read of address 3FD4B3C0 This happend in windows 10 x85 pro Ruing as administrator and test pro on.
Anyone tried in windows xp to see if works well ?
any idea to fix this ?

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