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Cool Hardlock... got it working!!!


I' got my emulator working!!!! just a silly thning was there which I didn't knew. Now I'got it working for me!!!

I got all the answers from this forum itself! Thanks to all who have shared their experience big or small with all members.

One query is still there; is the hl-emul that we make is full licence or for some days/ months/ years???


Originally Posted by moses View Post

I'm using EdgeHasp2007 Solver to get the *.dng, But I'm getting the Screen Reading... Decrypting... Solving for hours and I get a 0KB *.dng file.

Can anyone help me get it work. Whats the reason for solver behaving like this. I read most of the posts/ threads but no satisfactory solution.

I tried to get the *.fst also but its size comes upto 1KB(130 bytes) is it the right *fst size. And I read that we have to register the *.reg. Is this the reg that we get from HL-dump form sparrow? Please guide me.

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