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Default Shoutcast as an option or no?

In RET of late, we've been throwing around the idea of starting up a shoutcast every week for about 1-2 hours tops.. Each week we would prerecord a lecture by a guest speaker or one of the RET members, and then on a given time each week we would play the prerecorded lecture over the shoutcast. Now of course we would play this shoutcast at 2 times during that given day in order to meet both sides of the globe for timezones.
Topics can be anything from flexlm to the new aspr, to math for reversing, to crypto, to social engineering. Theres a very wide range of topics that we could hit.
Now, in addition to this we also plan on archiving the past shoutcasts in order that in time after we have 30+ shoutcast's saved on the server. Then we would offer them for download. So if you ever wanted to learn flexlm.. but never had the motivation.. you can open a target and start up the mp3 archive of the shoutcast.
I'd like to hear everyone's options on this in this forum though, in case we are missing something. Whether good or bad, state your opinion.


Devine Right [RET]
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