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I never could find the motivation to really read this thread, no offence dev.
Its like you would see a thread of someone convincing you why Darts is the most interesting sport ever.. Or something like that. I find chess fun to do, and I *have* had days where I play over 10 games per day. That has nothing to do with anything though.

Everyone began winning the games equally and it was a lot of fun.. but we were losing interest fast. At this point it was much like playing pool with no practice.. everyone wins equally, it becomes almost like luck...
Thats basically the way I enjoy it. You describe it as a problem, but it's what I love about the game. Studying it further, imho, ruins that. I don't enjoy thinking about and planning everything I'm doing. I'm not like that. You are, that's fine.. It's just pointless trying to try and convince me, because you look for completely different things in a game. Don't make me start trying to convince you to play football. (For those americans: That is european football of course, or I wouldve said 'american football' )

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