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1) How did you end up at ?
I found myself wandering the "reverse" side of the net and heard good stuff about this place, so I decided to join.
2) What is your objective on this forum?
I have no objective except to learn, appreciate, and hopefully one day when I am experienced enough - give back.
3) Which topics of discussion interest you the most?
I can't decide as I am new to the area in general, but I am wanting to prone in on my win-dbg skills than move on to trying to reverse some osx for the experience, which probably makes no sense.. x.x;
4) What languages do you speak?
C#,C++, JS, Python, and learning MASM
5) If you haven't - How come you haven't started any threads about topics that interest you?
I'm sure I will lurk around and learn before I randomly state lame information, I'd really enjoy getting into a topic of interest though, which I've got no specifics right now.
6) Anything else you want to add.
Well, I been with computers since I was 11, inside them at 13, even deeper by 15, and currently trying to build a successful career from my I.T. skills, from network engineering to reverse engineering, I'm a jack of all trades and I want to tackle one of what I believe is the biggest tasks.
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