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well i think its important to distinguish between goths that wear their clothes/ whatever they do to be different or if they became different because they wear those clothes ( in this case it would be affected by their environment).
Well also some people does not want to have contact with me only because i do make no bones that i some times consume "green tobacco" or because i do weird things. For some reason its ok if people disrespect people who do drugs but if i would disrespect someone because he believes in god or like to do other senseless thing then i would be called ignorant. So i guess it just depends of your point of view what can be called normal...
in general i guess there are 2 groups of people one wants to be normal and the other one wants to be different

for some reason i have the feeling that i wrote bullshit...
well maybe it depends that i cant express myself that good in english it or not..#care
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