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Default Introduction

Hi everyone!

1) How did you end up at

Thanks to Git!

2) What is your objective on this forum?

Looking for other quality English language reverse code engineering forums (rather hard to find!..)

3) Which topics of discussion interest you the most?

RCE, unpacking, kernel mode device drivers, protections and porting techniques to Linux.

4) What languages do you speak?

English, and slowly learning Russian.

Also Intel 64-bit/32-bit assembly, ARM and PowerPC. "C", and a reasonable amount of "C++".

5) If you haven't - How come you haven't started any threads about topics that interest you?

I joined 24/06/2019. Given time, I will.

6) Anything else you want to add.

I highly appreciate the invite, it's encouraging to find another English language RCE forum.

Warm Regards,

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