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Originally Posted by Andu View Post
Hello folks,

my question also regards .net Reactor. First I agree that the application mode protection is crap because it has been shown many times that it is possible to circumvent the protection in less than 5 minutes!

I have also seen a paper which seems to describe the basic principle, which .net Reactor seems to be based on (don't know if you refer to this paper with the gpl code, a link is very much appreciated).

But the Reactor offers two protection modes: application (which is easy to crack) and library mode, which I'm not shure off.

As I haven't seen any crackmes regarding library-mode-protected assemblies or tutorials on that topic my question is if anyone has tried to break this protection with activated necro bit. It seems to be tougher at first glance.
And a second thing: .net Reactor also offers a strong name removal protection. What do the experts think about this?


About the strong name protection i managed to remove it once, after that i lost interest in reversing since its more of the same every time with just minor changes
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