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Angry Thats a good question...

Originally Posted by MeteO View Post
It's complete solution, but why my post is deleted? It doesnt violates any rule.
Year why is MeteO`s post deleted?????
he explains well, and takes time to do it...??

btw: i think i`m a little closer to a solution for this.. ) or maby i longer away.. lol who knows.. not me thats for sur.. )

"MeteO Wrote":
11 algo
cell 08 std. algo Cell_08 = 3f2a Cell_09 = aff8
cell 0c std. algo Cell_0c = 10ac Cell_0d = b008
cell 0e std. algo Cell_0e = 3a2c Cell_0f = b00c
cell 14 std. algo Cell_14 = 160a Cell_15 = a331
cell 1e enh. algo Cell_1e = b190 Cell_1f = d0de C6 = 6438
cell 22 std. algo Cell_22 = 1cba Cell_23 = a110
cell 26 std. algo Cell_26 = 1b67 Cell_27 = 8034
cell 28 std. algo Cell_28 = 2da2 Cell_29 = 80fe
cell 2c std. algo Cell_2c = 31c4 Cell_2d = 8aa1
cell 34 std. algo Cell_34 = 0106 Cell_35 = 800e
WP is 4e2d
OWP1 is BA2C
OWP2 is B00C

i then used edgespro11 to come to this:

Initializing Sentinel SuperPro
Dump dongle memory
Analysis skipped
Cell 08 solved as standard 4E2D 3F2A AFF8
Cell 0C solved as standard 4E2D 10AC B008
Cell 0E solved as standard 4E2D 3A2C B00C
Cell 14 solved as standard 4E2D 160A A331
Cell 1E solved as extended 6438 B190 D0DE
Cell 22 solved as standard 4E2D 1CBA A110
Cell 26 solved as standard 4E2D 1B67 8034
Cell 28 solved as standard 4E2D 2DA2 80FE
Cell 2C solved as standard 4E2D 31C4 8AA1
Cell 34 solved as standard 4E2D 0106 800E
Generating license...
DNG successfully saved.
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