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You made me very curious ! So many questions about a way to protect your precious code, What are you developing ?

Is it a really very secret code or very expensive algos that you are trying to protect ?
Kurapica, no, it's not very secret code or anything close. However, I invested a long time into this program and simply don't wanna be ripped off right at the beginning.

I think that this kind of questions should have been asked a long time before and a rating system should exist so that every developer can judge which system is best for him.

So many commercial targets were cracked and also will be cracked
I know that

and I don't think that however any one tries !
Sorry, maybe I misunderstood you here. You think that nobody is interested in cracking my program? Well, that would be realy nice! To me it seems however that there is a crack for nearly every program (also smaller ones)...

Just a developer huh?
Cracking and preventing it is an interesting field in software science if only done for research purposes. However, as I said, it's not my occupation.

what EXACTLY are u trying to prevent in your software? the cracking of it or people reversing the code?
Both but mainly I wanna prevent people from cracking it. I know that it is virtualy impossible to do this but as you said: I'm not the programer of photoshop and so if the target is hard enough and not interesting enough, maybe there are more 'interesting' targets around. That's my hope at least

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