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Greetings all -

I stumbled across this thread while doing some google research on .NET reactor; I am trying to find a software which does some code protection, but more importantly, hardware based licensing (with a trial period) for a small .NET application that I've written. I thought I had pretty much settled on Eziriz; but after reading this thread... it would seem that isn't the best choice.

I'm a rather new C# developer; and I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a protector / licensing system. I was also considering Xheo DeployLX Express -- but I wasn't real wild about having to buy a second "sales only" edition to give another person the ability to generate keys.

Can you make any recommendations? I've read rongchaua's review of .NET Reactor 3.6, and since that release they've claimed they improved necrobit and obfuscation. The overall review gave it a 6 out of 12... but then again, none of the other completed reviews were any higher than that. I would appreciate any and all suggestions / feedback.


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