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.NET reactor is too easy to crack. Might as well not protect your software if that's what you use. Same goes for Xheo Codeveil (Kurapica wrote a tut for it at beginning of this thread). DNGuard and Maxtocode both have:

a) Compatibility issues
b) Takes several months for them to make notable changes (took a couple of months for DNGuard to have Vista support, and even then you have to reprotect and redistribute your assemblies)
c) are Chinese (you might get stiffed)

Oh, and Clisecure and Maxtocode both crash outright on my Vista machine here.

Remotesoft Salamander protector has a security hole in it that allows people to recover original IL code from it when you to native compile. Even if you do remove IL code, the app is still possible to crack using Ollydbg (wrote a tut on that on my blog).

Only options I see for you guys are:
1) Something custom
2) Ask LibX nicely
3) Microsoft SLM Code protector (very pricey!)
4) I've been working on a .NET protector, but its still in beta, and a tut is coming soon on how to crack it. So, I have to see how my protector is getting cracked, fix that, and then rerelease it when I have time. It works on Vista, but not on x64 bit Vista. So I cannot recommend my own protector with a clear conscience.

I think you guys would be better off making complex serial routines with various tricks in them than using a protector.
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