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Yeah for sure +mala , the Same Lady dressed differantly!

Andrea i would agree, how do they expect someone to pay thousands for software if you havent tried it. And alot of companys that make high priced software simply wont put demo's out becuase they know its going to be brought up to full stardard or near to full standard as can be managed. It would cool if we could go back to the days of shareware like IDsoftware. I realy believe they held back some of the piracy by giving you the first chapter of doom shareware, becuase some users felt good about the fact ID was willing to share a 3rd of a game with them for nothing...and would go and by the full version. A good sales technique, but one of the past! the if you scratch my back , ill scratch yours relationship between Users and Software houses seem to be gone.

Is it just me or are the software companys that used to be almost the anti establishment are now the establishment? such as borland...they realy dissapoint me these days! They now push Builder X thats over a grand last time i checked. And they caved into the evils of .net by adding it to delphi....seems their uniqueness is slowly draining away.

Anyhoo! bit of topic there ops: "rant :lol: "

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