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While I feel religious discussions fall, perhaps, beyond the scope of this forum; I do feel the need to comment on your generalization of so-called, 'goths'.

Yes, I agree, the 'goth' subculture is more of an affectation than serious social splinter movement. I also agree that any person who believes they will attain individuality, simply through the enthusiastic adoption of a fad, is almost certainly making a mistake. However, keeping in mind that everyone will make an occasional mistake, and especially if one considers the lack of effect on you personally; don't you find your hatred of such people unnecessarily intolerant?

I just finished reading an interesting article, in which the author attempted to define, what she termed as, the 'coolness factor,' or what makes a person cool. She maintained that people others often describe as 'cool,' are actually those who 'do their own thing,' i.e., dress in their own fashion, watch the movies they want to watch, etc.--even though society might disagree at the time. In other words, it is individuals who define 'cool,' everybody else simply tags along.

I am not saying that individuals and society always have to think differently. Indeed, they will often believe in the same things; certain moral values such as 'killing is wrong' and 'having sex with children is wrong ' are examples. A true individual, however, would never let the amorphous blob, which we call society, affect their sense of integrity. In fact, a true individual would never let society, or for that matter, anyone else, influence them.

As a fellow individual, then, I guess I find myself surprised at your hatred.

I just want say I think you guys are doing a great job,
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