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Default how to build flexnet common vendor daemon

I have a program that use flexnet common vendor daemon. and license
like this
INCREMENT atom_core ABC 20180228.0 28-feb-2018 1 SUPERSEDE \
ISSUED=09-Feb-2016 ck=120 AUTH={ ABC=( LK=318CE1A0AF29 \
SIGN="0D72 CBB5 E5D5 C310 8C0E 8A71 DA55 7C06 1179 AFCA 4308 \
5365 A707 5C51 E25A 1E18 BDE6 5A13 2A2E 490F 2BC4 2EF8 261E \
14FE E7C2 B12A 26AD 5D2E 9255 C2DD" SIGN2="0E2E 1A6E 9CC7 F934 \
95F0 D91F FE0B BDE8 B3D9 BA24 F0F7 4F2D 74EA BE57 56F5 0D20 \
E094 4CD5 8D2A 86B7 ADB1 4BEA CAA7 A3CC 9F3F C526 C200 D128 \
6967 AEBA") XYZ=( LK=0DEC89C65D31 SIGN="0475 6744 D83D \
A7E8 AA77 95DE 69D4 3311 042A 7D20 61DA 1FC4 0161 03A7 BF3D \
1567 BB7D E299 E093 1D8B F9AC F422 CD47 F45C C50D 3888 7AEC \
9B1A 5D09 DBF1" SIGN2="0A40 7575 2D5C FE44 830B 89AA B5C4 DEA9 \
78EF 6CF7 94CF 1000 7104 9BC3 57D7 1A5F 3419 E77E 22F7 0801 \
3305 608E BCCA B8F8 2B36 3898 57F5 633C 3A7B 7AE0") }

I want to make cvd lmcrypt by flexnet 11.4 sdk .but cann't generate lmcrypt.exe.
I do like this
1. Use the secondary vendor xyz to make normal compile, and get the lm_code.h /lsvendor.c and lmseeds.h, copy this three files to the folder c:\kg\test1\.
2.Under the folder i86_n3 i make a config.txt. it like this

3.Modify the machined folder lmcode.h,change the primary vendor abc all information ,and change the i86_n3 folder namke primary vendor abc .
4.Run cvdconfig -f config.txt md

But it cann't generate cvd lmcrypt.exe, Why?
Please somebody to help me.
Very thanks.

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