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Default I can multikey this one or that one, but ....

I can not multikey 2 at once.
Seems the 2 different softwares want to pick the first listed in the registry.
I don't understand the multikey directions/English manual.
I believe one software is in 32bit and the other I know is in 64bit.
win7.(this maybe wrong also, I know enough to be dangerous).
But OS is 64bit win7.
Both dumps work, but not simultaneously.
Names in registry are 36d00000a and 36d00000b.
Not sure if this is right but:
36d00000b is preceeded with: cb 57
and 36d00000a is 16 78
is this the ID of the dumps?

I read something about tables, is this how to assign to which?
Don't understand this either in the manual.

Sure could use some help if someone would.
Every time I restart or install seems like only one device is affected.
Now I'm up to Root\System\0006 now and I'm afraid I'm getting a bunch of garbage that needs to be cleaned up now.

Both are listed in device manager.

Does one instance of multikey read and use both dumps?
Or do I have the idea of multikey all wrong?
Anyone dare help?

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