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Originally Posted by ender View Post
Hey LibX, I just wanted to double check, but was this response intended only for high6, or did you think my problem was also related to the inclusion of strings in various languages.

As a quick side note (while I am aware the prog I am looking into has strings encoded from different languages) the "half decrypted" strings I was talking about were all in English (in some cases the "space" character wasn't decoded, or a miscellaneous letter wasn't decoded from the middle of the application title for instance, but the letters before and after were).

Anyway, thanks for your quick response, and just ignore this if your previous response didn't have anything to do with me.
That reply was for another problem
But are you sure you are running the latest version of DotFuckScator since i made a dump here of all strings that are decrypted and all strings are perfectly fine here :S
Latest version is v1.2 the title bar of the form should show this.

If its still not working please post a screenshot of the problem

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