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Default nice idea

I like the idea much, as you might guess...

IMO, just a few things might be added to the "todo list":

- explaining, with textual or audio tutorials, how anyone can setup their streaming radio. That is, documenting what we do while we do it (shouldn't be SO terrible - I think it could be worse if done in a second time)

- disjoining audio streaming from shoutcast: Shoutcast is but one of many different technologies. From my side, I could write something about Icecast, which has both advantages (more flexible, doesn't require windows) and disadvantages (harder to setup) if compared to shoutcast

- working on some tools to manage the... erm... palimpsest? Well, what is played at what time In my humble opinion, these tools should be made FREE (=GPL or something like that) and should work on playlists, read ID3 tags, check mp3 timings and show a map of what's going to be played online, in real time, letting (registered) users modify the playlist or update it with new files. A somehow similar program has been written in C by an Italian programmer: it's called SOMA and doesn't run on the Web but implements a client-server communication via a text console.

- contacting people around the net to cooperate with new lectures, programming skills and so on

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