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Hey Guys,

I'm having trouble finding the Site Key in a program I use, I have used Hex Workshop, Ollydbg, & PE dumped the files. This is a really old program 10 years old I believe and the key should be in plain txt but i'm having trouble locating it.

here is a link to the zip file, can anyone help me with this?

Found the keys however I'm unsure about the site code ??

Userkey=C50C B4CC F7C0 24F7 3110 0E
MasterKey=6411 55C4 CB01 B3F9 1F5C 9348 3F7A 8285 E0DF BF8B 228C

Need help obfuscated the site key?

CrypKey Copy Protection Information v1.13

Parsing Code - 334A E9EA 2EB5 2F88 C8
Decrypt Failed - Trying v6.00 Decryption...

Error #16: Error occurred decrypting the Site Code - Encryption Keys Not Found

this is an actual sitecode: CB05 4AB1 C9B9 79EB EE67 79AF 13

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