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It is really a very interesting topic, actually i've gone through all of the comments and i really think its one of the best discussions in this forums, but after several months have passed, and many versions have been released for .net reactor, is it still as crackable as it was before? ... I just made my own licensing server with some assymetric encryption (RSA) and 1024 bit encryption and bla bla bla.. and i just need to give crackers the hassle to crack my program... so they will take long (3-4 days) so it will be a test of how bad they want it cracked.

What protector / obfuscator should i really use to accomplish that...

is DNGuard still the way to go? or is there someone who has performed better in this market?

is it worth it? .. my code worths millions (at least for me lol)

and yeh.. its .net only maybe with some dlls and other .net components .. heh

hope to hear from you guys...

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