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Originally Posted by pivasik View Post
If somebody write a PM to you or you ask for help in PM you always must suppose that it will be commercial help. If somebody want to help you for free he/she will post information in the topic.
Once again, you must suppose the worst case.
I have to agree, that is a pretty messed up way to think about things... That doesn't apply to any other forum I belong to. When people offer help, it's an offer of help. Not just trying to get money out of people. But, like you said, if you expect the worst I suppose it can only get better...

In order to get this kind of help, information has to be shared by both parties (and depending on their morals, there is potential gain by both parties). When he said 'I can emulate that, just send it to me first', I was not under any impression that he was going to _LATER_ say 'Oh, and you have to pay for it.'

The honest approach would have been to say he could _SELL_ me an emulator, but I have to give him my information first. At which point I would have politely declined, and that would have been the end of it (but, he wouldn't have a copy of the software...) For all I know, he's selling bootleg copies of the software (and my dongle) I sent all over the internet, and I have nothing to show for it... (Hopefully that's not the case, but that would be the worse-case scenario I suppose...)