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Default Emulating HASP HL Pro

Hi everyone,

i want to emulate this dongle in windows 10, i test every tool to get Qtable and Atable but no success,

- The toro monitor dont work on windows 10 x64.
- i use a virtual machine x86 (Windows 7) but toro monitor can't see the dongle in the tool and no log on the screen log window.

Is there another solution to get theses Q/A tables ?

For informations:

i use h5dmp to get hasp.dmp and hhl_mem.dmp i convert them with unidmp2reg, to prepair the reg for vusbbus or multikey.

when i install the emulator(public) i can see in computer manager the USB Key and HASP key, but no Sentinel HL key.
even in sentinel manager (webbrowser) i can't see the dongle.

I change in reg file "type:" from 0A to EA, but the installation fail, i guess that i need theses Q/A table, for the service to displaying my dongle.

Before, the software worked fine in 32 bit version, but in 64 bit, it uses exchanges with the service, and the latter cannot find the key, so the software does not start.

the service listen on:

I do every thing, i do many search in this forum, i can't found the solution, can you enlighten me please?

Thank's in advance.
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