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Default Red-Gate Reflector 7 source code :-)

Are you angry about having to pay for something previously free? You don't have to. Here you are a full compilable solution with Reflector 7 (registration already solved, no time bomb, no self-deleting...

Okokok, but what is Reflector without Reflexil? Because original Reflexil references Reflector signed with a strong name by Red-Gate, it won't work with any other Reflector. So I have "repaired" both solutions, signed Reflector with another strong name and changed the reference in Reflexil project. Now, If you compile both solutions, you have a perfect result : free Reflector 7 with working Reflexil 1.2, both with source code. Enjoy, brothers! .zip

If you don't have Visual Studio 2010 to compile these solutions, here is an already compiled version for you:
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