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Originally Posted by oxxomoon View Post
Hi all members
This is my emulator it is 31/12/2009 finished how can I change 2099 is possible? I'm waiting your answer regards..

PS: I search all forum but I can not find detail

Well, you said that it's finished on 31/12/2009 and you will change the year that you want...

Try to play in the "Data"=hex:\. See below :
(0x1F) = |31| Date ; (0x0C) = |12| Month ; (0x14)(0x09) = |20|09| Year.

Let us assume that you will make it end on 21/12/2012. Then see below :
(0x15) = |21| Date ; (0x0C) = |12| Month ; (0x14)(0x0C) = |20|12| Year.

Finaly the first 8 bytes of your "Data"=hex:\ should like below :
Better, try to change these data in the .dmp and convert it with unidmp2reg converter. Next, edit the reg in order to suitable with multikey emulator.

I don't have the installer of your s/w and i don't know the PW1 and PW2. Simply edit your reg and try it. If it will not work, then there are more effort that you should do ...


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