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Downgrade drivers procedure (workaround):

If you use Vista/Win 7.
1. Go to: Computer -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Hardware -> Device Installation Settings
Check: No, let me choose what to do / Never install driver software from Windows Update.

2. Download Hasp Driver Command Line 6.22 and 6.51 (is last).

3. Uninstall any emulator/unplug dongles (if you have).

4. With 6.51 do:
"haspdinst -i" (this install 6.51 driver components)
"haspdinst -r -fremove" (posible need to run this command several times - check http://localhost:1947 for no response).

5. With 6.22 do:
"haspdinst -i" (this install 6.22 driver components)

6. Install your emulator.


1. Find emulator that support 2F/AF - all top dongle emulator providers have this.
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