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Originally Posted by unforgiven View Post
There is 3 way to bypassing Envelope:
1:Full emulation mode (Its Very Private)
2:Cracking way (Unpacking Enveloped file (reaching to OEP and Fixing Redirected API and Dumping File)).
3:In HL pro and MAX with Random Pairs and Envelope You Can Extract Master Pair Table (Its used for Generating Random Pair) you must at least Use Favorite Debugger and data ripper for Extracting Data by Hand and Some times its take 2-3 H.
I don't look any envelop he have 2 pair to above give me 1031 error. but I have demo if hasphl software he give me 5 time this error. I tell about (bounce). I have wilcom and he is very great protected for hasphl, I make it by hand, and I make 11 envelopes and every one I no look 2 pairs to above 1031 error on it.
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