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Originally Posted by Savaa View Post
Hello everyone
I have a software that uses an Aladdin HASP HL key (at least it shows like it)
i dumped a .dmp file with the HASPHL2008
i try to solve it with EDGE but i don't succeed in the HASP HL section("Wrong filesize for a dump."), but in HASP it works. What does this mean ? is it still a HASP HL, or just the casing ?
anyway, when i load the the result of solving back into HASPHL2008 it says "please upgrade the dongle file"
What can i do to use this software without the hasp atached ?
If someone can help me, I can send the .dmp file
Thank you.
Have a nice day
Use HASPHL2007. Edges tool support only v2007 and early v2008, but not later released v2008.
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