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Originally Posted by kao View Post

Thanks for your reply, I have successfully extract the uImage to a piggy file. Following is the procedure:
1. Use the script (, which will extract uImage to zImage;
2. Use following command:arm_v5t_le-objdump -EL -b binary -D -m armv5t zImage | grep 8b1f, this will find the offset of real kernel code in zImage, e.g. skip the self decompress code.
3. Use dd if=zImage of=piggy.gz bs=1 skip="offset found in setp 2" | gunzip piggy.gz. After this command, we will get a piggy file, which contains pure kernel code, but this is only a binary format, not a ELF format, so IDA can not diassemble it.

So, my question is: when I get this piggy file, how can I diassemble it, and find the "interesting code " in this file?

Any suggestion?

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